Giving To Children’s Charities

Giving to children’s charities can be among the most rewarding things you can do with your money. Selecting the right charity, however, can seem complicated with the wide variety of charities out there. While most charities are reputable and trustworthy, there are some instances of fraud or other issues that can make giving to charities something worth taking a closer look at. Overall, thankfully, the act of giving to children’s charities can be tremendously rewarding and compassionate.

Picking a Charity

When choosing a children’s charity, take a look at your own priorities first. What issues are important to you? If you have a relative with a particular illness, you may want to donate to a charity that has an association with that particular illness. Most people give to children’s charities with which they have a particular emotional attachment. To pick a charity, make a list of some of your own priorities and start planning from there.


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Next, take a look at the geographical location and situation of the children that the charity aims to help. Are you interested in helping children internationally or are local children’s charities more your cup of tea? Your charitable donation can make a difference regionally, locally, nationally, or internationally. Make sure you learn as much about the location your donation will be assisting, so as to be able to give with confidence.

Also take a look at what activities the charity will perform to assist children. In many cases, you can assign your own donation to the areas in which it is needed most. If, for example, you wish to distribute some funds or equipment to the building of a new playground at a children’s cancer center, you can request that those funds are given to the proper area. If it appears that your charitable donations will simply be allocated to administration purposes, you may want to consider another more active charity.

Giving to a large organization differs from giving to a smaller organization in a number of ways. With your donation to a large children’s charity, you may be helping with a big project or helping fund other parts of a large charity organization. With a smaller grassroots organization, you may be able to be more aware and enlightened as to where your funds or donations are being allocated.

When it comes to making sure that the children’s charity you intend to work with is legitimate, you can contact the tax services branch of your local government. All registered charities will have a business number and will have ample tax and government information. If the charity you are looking to work with does not have a business number or registration information, do not donate to them.

Finally, decide what type of donation you wish to make. Some charities accept monetary donations primarily, while others accept donations of time or even toys. There are some organizations that offer ways to connect children with great toys, like dollhouses or stuffed animals. With a simple internet search, you can find out more information about helping the various children’s charities and how your money, time, or toys can be donated to help brighten the day of a youngster today.


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