The Cheapest and Safest School Ever

Countries have an obligatory criterion in their respective local laws to offer free education, serve in their local public schools. Education set a high hierarchy in the rules of laws that each individual, or citizen should enroll in a public school if he reaches a certain school age.

This is a general policy to each citizens of any nation, except however, where one’s choice is to go elsewhere of his afford and desire, such as in private schools, foundations, and non-government organizations’ learning institutions.

The 21st century parents discover free home schooling, favorable, cheaper and convenient for so many reasons. It is becoming popular in the U. S. and some other richer industrial places around the globe.


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Present-day school beginner is more exposed to so many complications about the environment, atmospheric conditions due to global warming that cause weather conditions unpredictable. Negligence to react in Reforestations that could prevent possible floods, landslides and all the inconveniences during rainy seasons, situation most difficult for school children or high graders on school sessions.

Roads or pathways became vicious scenarios as it open to muddy and slippery ground of apparent danger to passers-by kids during bad weather conditions. Mom has the best choice to get into a chartered school and get the know-how credentials in order to get accredited if she herself teaches and guides her child personally in the home, where she could be assured of the child’s safety. It could still be the cheapest schooling one could ever get.

To get accredited, and cope with your country’s demand that you’re into terms to educate your offspring, select from qualified chartered public schools near your vicinity, and deal with the proper officer of authority. You have the option to select a curriculum best fitted for your child and not the school to impose their system on you.

You are the best and first hand access to the personality of your child; knowing his IQ (Intelligent Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient), what subjects are his inclinations. You won’t be wasting much time to tackle a task, imposing the teaching and learning process on subjects not of his interests.

Literary, as your child’s own teacher, teaching will be free of charge. With all the hands-on teaching materials consigned for your use on a given period of time, you’ll be the boss of your own schedules, with lots of mom and child bonding. In here, your advantage is at par. Schedules for socializing with the other children during school events and activities will be set by the accepting school.

Reviews, exams, evaluations and results are set for pick-up, and submission at your time frame, or agreed upon with. Above all you’ll be free of travel expense, and enjoy time leverage from the daily inconvenience of accompanying and fetching your child to and from school.


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